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Charles Reed

Charles seeks understanding, reflection and simple solutions to help his customers and community. Drawing on his leadership experience in enterprise software, information systems, and public service, he serves as a trusted partner to help you achieve your objectives.

Charles is talented in developing team members who maximize their potential as top performers. He manages change and delivers integrated solutions that encourage long-term business growth and profitability.

What I'm Up To

I build and lead high-performing teams to create and deliver analytics solutions with a focus on providing excellent customer service and experience. I believe in nailing the customer experience first, and the rest will follow.

Using a holistic approach to strategic planning, problem solving, and talent development, I serve as a liaison between business stakeholders and technical teams to provide world-class analytics solutions.

Analytics and Information Systems leader with over 15 years of experience across several disciplines including application development and management, network infrastructure and IT management.

I am a transformational leader with focus on delivering actionable insights that directly align to business needs, and empower companies to make well-informed decisions. I seek to always improve and simplify processes.

We focus on transforming from decentralized offline reporting, to cloud-based real-time analytics, available from anywhere and any device using a central data platform. Adding value by incorporating new insights such as predictive analytics to improve decision making in the moment. Less reporting on "what happened" and more on "what is going to happen."

Our work, internal to SAP, is part of our corporate SAPRunsSAP strategy and is frequently showcased to our customers.

For more information, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Current Focus Areas:
+ Leadership Development
+ Transformation to Cloud Analytics
+ Predictive Forecasting
+ Low or No Code Platforms
+ COVID-19 Economic Impact

Personal Projects

COVID-19 Resources App is a service project helping people find resources to stay healthy, informed and safe during the #COVID19 pandemic. This is our mission, and we intend to stay around, "until we are no longer needed."

This project is a partnership with undergraduate students from American University who felt helpless in March 2020 and decided to do something about that.

COVID-19 Resources has directly helped people navigate a confusing patchwork of resources not well organized by governments and other agencies.

Featured in: DCist | AWOL Magazine | American University Magazine



For the project level:deepsouth for Generation X, I reminisced about Remy Zero's Villa Elaine (1998), September, 2020.

For the project level:deepsouth for Generation X, I reviewed the book “Family Matters” by Hilde Løvdal Stephens, September, 2020.

Submission for Inspire like Churchill contest, May 2020.